8 In the later pre-Hispanic period, the area was populated by the Otomi, who had become sedentary urban dwellers with sophisticated politics by the time of the Aztec Empire, who referred to them as the Tlacetilli Otomi or "Otomi Nation/State".
"Querétaro: la palabra más hermosa del Español".
In the Purépecha language it is referred to as "Créttaro meaning place of crags, referring to the rocky hills of La Cañada.The tertulias of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez culminated in the Conspiracy of 1810, which was discovered before they had planned to act.Other sport facilities in the city include: Parque Querétaro 2000: Olympic pool, Tae Kwon Doo arena, gymnasium, Football field, Baseball field, Volleyball, Running Path, among other.In 1922, the governor of Querétaro state changed the name to its current one in honor of the 1917 event.

16 This was also the site of the Colegio de la Propagación de la Fe, the first missionary school established in the Americas.
Another popular sport is American donne single in cerca di coppia a chicago Football which it's played in different institutions (UAQ Gatos Salvajes, ITQ Zorros itesm Borregos Salvajes Querétaro has two college football teams, the Zorros of ITQ (onefa) and Borregos Salvajes itesm campus Querétaro (conadeip).
Josefa Auditorium The municipality has rolling hills, mountain ranges and flatlands.
19 Both Standard Poor's and the newspaper Reforma have ranked Querétaro as one of the safest cities to live in with the highest quality of life in Mexico.Check out the reviews left by visitors who have already stayed at this hotel in Santiago de Querétaro, and see the positive ratings given for the facilities and services on offer.Inside the nave is sober, austere and completely Neoclassical.Querétaro was also the site for the training of many of missionaries that went north as far as Texas and California."Se llevará a cabo el annuncio particolari gratis personali incontri Festival Santiago de Querétaro 2009.It is estimated that in 2005, 10,465 people migrated to the metropolitan area.The niches around the main portal contain images of Saint Joseph, Our Lady of Sorrows, Saint Monica and others.

The museum also sponsors temporary exhibits, theatrical works, as well as literary, photography and musical events.
The region of Querétaro has a rapidily growing vineyards agriculture and hosts the famous wine producer from Spain.
76,000) Felix Osores Sotomayor : most of the recent growth in the city has taken place here, the population growth rate estimated.