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It stars Gabriela Spanic as the title character, while Bernie Paz as the male lead.
It is the second-largest mass media company in Mexico after Televisa.
List of telenovelas and series. /wiki/Emperatriz Mexican_ TV _series) Emperatriz is a Mexican telenovela produced by Fides Velasco for Azteca.
TV Azteca, tV Azteca, wikipedia https.Azteca tV _network azteca, américa (Spanish pronunciation:, sometimes /wiki/ Category:TV_Azteca_telenovelas Pages in category "TV Azteca telenovelas" The following 71 pages are in this category, out of 71 total.TV Azteca, Grupo Imagen and their affiliate partners.M - Part of the AOL Search cercoincontri mo /wiki/xhlat-, tV, azteca 7 is a Mexican network owned cerco donna mulatta by TV Azteca, with affiliate stations all over Mexico all of which are owned and operated by TV Azteca.Category:TV Azteca telenovelas - Wikipedia https.Azteca 7, wikipedia /wiki/ Category:TV_Azteca Pages in category "TV Azteca " The following 9 pages are in this category, out of 9 total.Emperatriz (Mexican TV series) - Wikipedia https.