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' The Hare and the Tortoise.' A Parable (Gk.
' To show his teeth as white as whales bone.' The use of the apostrophe is comparatively moilem, and is some- what inoonaistently restricted to the possessive case, as there has been a similar elision of the vowel in tlie plural ot many nouns.' Kingdom ' pitiable ' worship ' strengthen ' kindness rjrilooa.' Give the force of the sullis in each of these words, and other words derived from the Game stem.' Las figuras de dicción, graiiú eufonía, son de mu- cho uso, así es que con frecuencia se omiten agre- gan letras;.' I hava dom the deed ' He is goitn.' The Past Imperfect Tense ia uiwd to denote that an I action or state was going on at some past time,.g.' Oákc: parece nn compuesto de la preposición ctó' y el posesivo.' If two and two are four.* Here there is no uncertainty, and the subjunctive would have been im- properly used.' Until thoy had him slain ' Oth thset hie bine of-sliegenne hsefdonj.' Pa-hati, cuya termiitacioo suele madarse en ndi; pa-mü.

' This is the formulaic witnessing to a comunal legal document, a political treaty.
' Vieni su.
' The torrent of bis eloquence ; ' ' Our little life is rounded with a sleep ; ' ' He never devialea into common sense ; ' ' What time he can spare from the neglect of his duty, he devotes to the adornment.
' PifpiHft, al ponerse el sol.
' The Progressive Form is rarely used in the Passive Voice.' Qais mwsicam doeuit Ejiamincmdam 1 ' (Who taught Fpaminondaa music?) This anomaly is to be accounted for by the fact that teaching involves a twofold consigli per i partner di tossicodipendenti process.' Gm,6; ma 8iyii, kciaelo8;xamayü, se háiiido tercera peí-sbná de plural del pretérito perfecto de verbo ma, irsél O si ellos se'han ido.' This tree (one near iit, speaker) is lander than that.' T/iate call it pleasure, and contentmeot tlieie.' Los tepehuanes fueron una de las tribus masw' líenles de aquellas regiones, preciándose de ser supe- riores á las demás con quienes estaban en guerra, paT- ticularmente con los acaxaes y tarahumares, á quienea tenían acobardados en extremo.' The Queen's Arcadia ' he says (Biog.