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For the opinion that Ignatian meditation did influence metaphysical poetry see also «Spanish and English Religious Poetry of the Seventeenth Century» in Edward.
1968: The Progress of the Soul: the Interior Career of John Donne.
Hai deciso di nasconderti ma ora vuoi viaggiare.She, two points of shining ivory, with sudden disquiet, whining, bathed, and with her chat con donne sposate in uruguay twisting its boisterous life, in a single torment, it feels a double revenge.1933: On Metaphysical Poetry.(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1980) 237-249.Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press.The parallelism between their poems is quite clear as regards subject matter even if we do not take into account those precedents.Heiple discovered that Lope had used the term metaphysical in much the same way as John Dryden and.

These words, put in the fleas mouth, so to speak, allow Tomé de Burguillos, Lope de Vegas persona, to retort with an ingenious, exaggerated request full of innuendo aimed at bringing his desire home to Leonor, the presupposed listener of this theatrical sonnet.
For Kaplis, John Donne and Lope de Vega follow the Ignatian meditation method and their religious poetry can be divided into three phases corresponding to the three stages of this kind of meditation.
Laurie Ann Kaplis points out 6 quite convincingly that both John Donne and Lope de Vega based their devotional verses on the method of meditation created by Ignatius of Loyola in his Ejercicios espirituales (1521-1541).
Blakemore Evans (ed.) Elizabethan-Jacobean Drama (London:.Although he does not reject the influcence of meditation on Donne, Herbert or La Ceppède, he states that many of the characteristics of metaphysical poetry are not a consequence of the influence of religious meditation, but a result of the spirit of the time.The fleas shining, black, keratin, exoskeleton becomes a precious cloister with walls of jet.Le donne dellEuropa dellEst sono considerate splendide spose e ottime mogli.The importance of the flea is greater than that of the lady, as I have already said, but, at the same time, the union of such dissimilar terms to create those conceits produces a debasement of the religious referents that almost results in sheer irreverence.In Spanish and English Literature of the 16th and 17th Centuries.

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As a consequence, and as Kaplis points out, only those poems that the authors address to God can be fully analogous.