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Ivanka Petkova - Bulgarian immigrant, click on photo for larger image.
Once in Argentina, the journey continued south.
Repressive escalation, the information is, still, somewhat dispersed and diffuse, but what is clear is that in Caleta Olivia there has been an escalation in repression: yesterday in the early morning people who since the night of September 30 have protested in the playa.Saturday 2nd of October The number of detained fighters reaches 51 With the new repression of yesterday, the number of detained in Caleta Olivia, in Santa Cruz has reached.Premier déploiement dun instrument de géophysique servant à établir la stratigraphie des sédiments.Après une petite heure de navigation, nous avons déployé les instruments dans leau et récolté nos premiers échantillons.Without potential employment, the immigrants typically remained in the."Now we can confirm it explained Iglesias, a while later- theyve been detained.Countries such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and the Balkans, dominated the new oil fields.Those who were called were some of the demonstrators that two days ago had returned to cerco donne, lexington, ky climb the tanques of Termap.

Rémillard à bord du Coriolis.
José Fernández Domínguez - Spanish immigrant, click on photo for larger image.
Or, la ville de Comodoro Rivadavia était elle-même privée deau depuis quelques jours, situation apparemment récurrente dans cette région selon quelques habitants que nous avons croisés.
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Nos chefs de mission Guillaume St-Onge et Miguel Haller ainsi que toute léquipe sont très heureux et enthousiaste de ce départ prometteur!Nora Cortiñas was there from the Línea fundadora of the Madres (mothers) of Plaza de Mayo, as were the MPs (government representatives) Patricia Walsh and Luis Zamora who decided to go to Caleta to give a press conference and to denounce the recent events.And five women were detained.Others sought to maintain the migration tradition with their children.De gauche à droite : José Ignacio Isola, Silvia Etienot, Carolina Chialvo, Guillaume St-Onge et Audrey.04, 2004 at 3:00.Italians and Spaniards were by far the largest immigrant groups to enter Argentina between 18, but mass immigration to Comodoro Rivadavia did not begin until the discovery of oil in 1907.The first night they were repressed by security personnel hired by the tankers, who soaked them for hours.An important complement to these migration chains were the numerous various ethnic associations centered in the town of Comodoro created to provide mutual aid and social benefits.