A renewed inclusive, country-wide national dialogue on reforms will be important to consolidate Ukraine's unity and internal cohesion.
The extension of the donne in cerca di uomini a popayan Observer Mission at two Russian checkpoints until 23 November must be used for discussions on a toscana incontri di sesso significant expansion.
We also wish to encourage all reviewed Member States to take full use of voluntary measures to ensure transparency.We encourage the current Serbia osce Chairmanship to continue exploring possibilities to this end.But we reiterate that for the SMM to verify a applicazioni per la ricerca di partner su iphone withdrawal in line with the Minsk package, the SMM must receive the necessary baseline information.We also note that the situation in Crimea continues to be characterised by systematic human rights violations affecting mostly Crimean Tartars and those who opposed the so-called March referendum.We welcome the fact that the iaea and the EU's Regional System for Accountancy and Control, euratom Safeguards, continue to develop their cooperation arrangements in the framework of the New Partnership Approach.We also welcome and encourage Member States participation in support of the Post-2015 development agenda.We look forward to discussing this important topic under the Task Leader for Technology Refreshment.The EU has provided such voluntary support since 2006, which now exceeds 15 million Euros.This is the reason why we continue to strongly believe that this important subregional arms control regime remains a positive model to be emulated in other subregions in the Euro-Atlantic area.We share the view expressed in the incb Report that socioeconomic aspects as poverty, food insecurity, economic inequality, social exclusion, are some of the factors that have an impact on both the supply and demand sides of the world drug problem, affect the interaction between.Final Draft The European Union and its Member States remain deeply concerned about the ongoing rapid deterioration in the security and humanitarian situation in parts of eastern Ukraine, including the rising number of civilian and military casualties.

On 1 April the only remaining channel broadcasting in the Crimean Tatar-language, ATR TV, was taken off air.
We also support moving the holding of hdim from September to May.
The European Union reiterates its strong condemnation of the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation and will not recognise.
Cyprus is consequently an exporter of controlled items regardless of its indigenous production capacities.We note in particular that access remains fully or partly restricted in large swaths of separatist-controlled territory.Such a solution must be based on full respect for Ukraines independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.Third, the osce has shown its importance as an international organisation.The Council Decision clarifies designation criteria for the freezing of funds targeting persons responsible for the misappropriation of Ukrainian State funds.

In conclusion, let me thank all speakers one more time for their interesting remarks.