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Clements by turning right on Little Sutton Street towards Griffin's Parade.
The electrical shock on Donna stimulated her brain, awakened the milanuncios contatti donne cordoba ciudad jardin Time Lord DNA that transferred to her during the two-way biological meta-crisis, and gave her "the best part of the Doctor his mind rendering her the "DoctorDonna" of the Ood 's prophecy.
To save her life, the Doctor was forced to erase her memories against her wishes and bring her home, which suppressed her "DoctorDonna" alter ego.
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While there, over Christmas 2008, the Titanic crashed into London, destroying.The newly married Donna Temple-Noble.( TV : The Fires of Pompeii ) Though most companions were, to some degree, the Doctor's conscience, Donna adopted this role more openly and forcefully than her predecessors.( TV : Planet of the Ood ) Adult life Edit Donna received a bottle of Odeur Delaware as a gift from Sylvia for Christmas 2001.Once on board the tardis, Donna had the Doctor fly it to where her grandfather could see them through his telescope and wave him goodbye.The phage abstracts intended to release a virus on humanity that would leave humanity in immense agony and prevent them from dying in revenge for the loss of the Sycorax widows' husbands once it landed in London.( TV : The Fires of Pompeii ) Donna insisted that the Doctor acknowledge Jenny as his daughter, donne in cerca di uomini a milano no matter how she was created or what job she was trained for.Donna was nearly caught in the creature's trap too, but the Doctor intervened, freeing Banderson from the creature.However, as she could not remember the Doctor she realised she was in the wrong room and went on her way.Gully strapped a Time Reaver bomb on her back but the Doctor managed to remove it before it blew.Donna made a call on her mobile phone, stopping the signal that paralysed Qin Shi Huang, waking him up again.( TV : Silence in the Library ) Donna was inadvertently responsible for the appearance of the Doctor's twelfth incarnation when she convinced him to save Lobus Caecilius ' family from the destruction of Pompeii.

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She and the Doctor were ultimately responsible for the eruption; a group of Pyroviles, who had escaped from their planet before it was lost, planned to convert every human on the planet into Pyroviles, creating a new homeworld for themselves.
( TV : The Unicorn and the Wasp ) Donna's adventures with the Doctor involved visiting India in 1947 and encountering Mohandas "Mahatma" Gandhi, who helped them stop a Zytron energy outbreak ( prose : Ghosts of India ).( TV : Partners in Crime ) She attended Belmont Primary, where she met her friend Hettie.During this adventure, she influenced the creation of Miss Marple and Murder on the Orient Express by mentioning them to Christie years before they were created; although Christie's memories of the incident were wiped, some unconscious memories remained.tV : Partners in Crime on her first day of school, she was sent home for biting.( TV : Partners in Crime ) In 2009, she began looking into Adipose Industries ; whilst spying on Miss Foster, the head of Adipose Industries, she suddenly saw the Doctor also spying on her from the outside window, who was as surprised as she.The suffering that the Ood went through combined with witnessing Klineman Halpen get turned into an Ood was too much for Donna, who said she wanted to go home; she later calmed down and took this statement back, however.( TV : Journey's End ) By Christmas 2009, Donna had got her life back on track; she was engaged to Shaun Temple.She worked out a plan to destroy the Koggnossenti which involved Kevin Jones 's train driving into their power source.( TV : The End of Time ) The Meta-Crisis Doctor, working from his original template's memories, recognised that Donna's brash attitude arose from her belief that she was unimportant; she was "shouting at the world, 'cause she thought no one's listening." The original Doctor.

He tempered her sharp tongue and brought out a more clever, compassionate aspect of her personality.
They returned and gave Donna an envelope holding a gift from her deceased father and the Doctor, a lottery ticket the Doctor bought with money borrowed from her father.