This location has over a long period of time favoured close contact with the natural environment.
Moreover, the simple colonial houses have often been transformed into more important residences, especially during the period of relative economic expansion due to the production and exportation of quinine and straw hats (19th century).
The Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca includes the territory that was occupied by the town of Cuenca until the first half of the 20th century, as well as the archaeological site of Pumapungo and the corridors that include the ancient.
Inserisci il tuo CV e contatta datori di lavoro a Cuenca.Numerous edifices have been updated and tastefully adapted to the changing fashions of the different eras, especially between 18The Historic Centre has also preserved within its urban zone an archaeological park with vestiges that, despite the fragility of the elements, clearly explain the conception and.A strong concentration of this type of architecture is located along the River Tomebanba (el Barranco) that defines the boundaries of the historic town on cerco signora a quito the south side.M ed i suoi partner non garantiscono che la conversione rifletta i tassi di cambio attuali e non ne sono responsabili per eventuali inesattezze.Authenticity, the Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca has preserved its image of a colonial town and the essential aspects of its original character.At the regional level, diverse regulatory measures apply: the Act of Declaration of the Historic Centre of Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca as cultural heritage of the State in 1982 and successive delegation to the Commission of the Historic Centre of Cuenca; Decree.Cuenca, guayaquil, quito, registrati, close, cerchi lavoro?

The vernacular architecture illustrating the techniques and organization of space during the colonial period is principally located in the periphery of the historic centre and in the rural areas.
Founded in 1577 according to the guidelines issued thirty years earlier by the King of Spain, Charles V, it has preserved over four centuries its original orthogonal plan.
It is also in this sector that the site of Pumapungo is located (Puma Gate) in the heart of the Inca town of Tomebamba, and that of Todos Santos (All Saints) where the vestiges corresponding to Canari, Inca and Spanish cultures have been unearthed.
This inventory contributes towards preserving and consolidating the urban townscape and encourages the comprehension of the socio-economic cita un ciegas canale 4 history of the ancient town and its internal relations.
The air company LAN maintains a programme called Cuida tu Destino; for three years work has been undertaken for the improvement and maintenance of some public areas such as El Barranco adjacent to the River Tomebamba, between the Vado and Centenario Bridges, as well.The religious architecture, closely related to public areas, where community life is expressed, greatly contributes to the urban profile of the town.Protection and management requirements, at the national level, the Cultural Heritage Law and its provisions is applicable, and is the law concerning the creation of the Cultural Heritage Assistance Fund that designates 6 of income taxes collected in each district to heritage protection projects.This Fund was replaced by the Code organique dorganisation territorial, dautonomie et de decentralization (cotad) that designates to the Municipalities, competence for the protection and safeguarding of the heritage, and provides financial resources for this purpose.In the framework of this programme, the participation of educational establishments is important to motivate young people in the conservation and protection of heritage and thus enable the protection of places of touristic interest.M consiglia di verificare in modo indipendente tutte le informazioni prima di fare affidamento su di esse.Cerca e offri lavoro, inserisci annunci gratis, crea un account gratuito, accedi al tuo account.The authorities consider that regular maintenance by their owners is a priority measure and encourage it in many ways.Despite the loss of important edifices during the second half of the 20th century, all the components of the urban structure and its relation with the townscape environment remain.Plaza Mayor (Park Abdon Calderon the three powers of society are always present: political with the town hall and the Governors Office, donna 40 anni cerca giovani religious, with its two cathedrals opposite one another and the judiciary with the Law Courts.

The Commission is assisted by the General Secretariat for Urbanism attached to the Municipal Government of Cuenca for all matters concerning technical aspects.
Criterion (ii) : Cuenca illustrates the perfect implantation of the principles of urban planning of the Renaissance in the Americas.
Its historic centre is inhabited and enjoys an active traditional social life, although sometimes in degraded living conditions.