Javier assigns Meche to take care of Andres at the hospital because of his drug habit, blood loss, and intoxication.
Leon has a lover named Reina, Marielena's friend Chela is pregnant with Camacho's baby, her sister Teté is in love with Kike, Fredy leaves Yoly after finding out she is infertile and starts dating his secretary Cecilia.
A handsome young man named Luis Felipe Sandoval steps out of the car and offers her money for the flowers but speeds away angrily when she asks only for an apology.Everyone rides out the storm in their own way except Graciela who incontri con donne escort is afraid.Saddened, Marielena leaves Luís Felipe in his apartment, vowing never to see him again.Against her mother and Marielena's wishes, Chela visits Luís Felipe at the agency and reveals that Valentina is his real daughter.(How Good Lola Has It!) Que Paso con Jacqueline?Worried, Telma seeks out Teo to help take her to Nicanor's house.Marielena and Luis become infatuated with one another and she loses her virginity to him.Lucía Méndez and, eduardo Yáñez.In the end, Kike starts a relationship with Teté, Chela leaves Camacho after confirming his infidelity, Melissa hooks up with Tato, and León ends up with Andrés' secretary, Irma.Chela is desperate to tell him the truth but Marielena and Esperanza warn her not.

"Long Live the Kids" (2004) Viviana (1978) Vivir un poco - "To Live a Little" (1985) Volver a Empezar - "Starting Over" (19941995) Yara - "Yara" (1979) Yesenia (1987) Yo amo a Juan Querendón - "I Love Juan Querendon" (20072008) Yo compro esa mujer.
Eterna Magia Eternal Magic Feijão Maravilha Wonderful Bean Guerra dos Sexos War of the Sexes História de Amor Love Story Hoje é dia de Maria Today is Mary's Day Ídolo de Pano Cloth Idol Império Empire Insensato Coração Reckless Heart Irmãos Coragem Brave Brothers.
After much convincing and confronting Leticia's infidelity, Andrés le pagine per trovare persone su internet returns home so he and Leticia can help Melissa.
Yoly is married to a man named Alfredo Minelli.k.a.Vida Millie Cadenas de Amor Coralito Karina Montaner Aventurera Cuando Vuelvas Vivir Para Ti Diana Carolina Yo Se Que Mentia Apartamento de Solteras La Isla (The Island) La Otra (The other) Ave De Paso Alejandra ' Amalia Guzman, Culpable!Down in the parking lot, Esteban is waiting for her and explains that.Atraccionx4 Attraction to the 4th, power buenos Vecinos Good Neighbors cabecita Little Head.486 Pins, shoes 126 Pins.Soon Rene and Carmela give the two advice: Rene tells Luís Felipe that he and Marielena should take a short vacation to sort things out while Carmela warns Marielena away from Luis Felipe.Luis Felipe is married to Claudia, an older woman whom he married years ago for her money.Lucía Méndez as Marielena Muñoz, eduardo Yáñez as Luís Felipe Sandoval.Seizing the moment, one of the sharpshooters shoots Carlos in the chest.